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General Electric announces closing of Louisville facilities

Louisville, Ky., – November 4, 2019 – GE Appliances announces the consolidation of its Kentucky manufacturing plants, resulting in laying off approximately 200 employees from the Louisville, Kentucky facility by December 2019.

General Electric reaches this difficult decision after a thorough analysis of market conditions, and of the several plants in the U.S., seeking to bring production capacity in line with market conditions the company has found that closing the Louisville, KY plant will yield least effect on the ability of the company to serve their customers nationally.

“The difficult decision to close our Louisville plant was made after thorough market analysis, and although we regret the loss of a plant and the elimination of our hard working employees, the adjustment will enable operation costs to be reduced while providing the same high level service to our customers,” said GE Appliances President and CEO Charles Blankenship [pending review].

The Louisville plant was opened in 2013 to provide the GeoSpring™ Hybrid Water Heater. The plant in Louisville was well situated to serve GE, and in particular, the Kentucky markets, which had major levels of manufacturing at the time, but once depressed market conditions hit other regions and Louisville operating levels were reduced further.

“Our area of Louisville, KY welcomed the new plant back in 2013. It was an $800 million investment from General Electric that brought all sorts of jobs in engineering, design, and manufacturing. It is a shame to see the loss of jobs in our area, and a surprise to see the plant close just six years after opening,” said Congressman John Yarmuth[pending review].

As General Electric Appliances moves forward with the consolidation of U.S. manufacturing some employees will have an opportunity to relocate to other GE manufacturing facilities.

The employees of the Louisville, KY facility have always been highly skilled and productive. GE’s CEO regrets the closure of this plant and will do everything in their power to provide jobs, and find alternative employment for these employees.

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