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Leafy and Petals VS. The Storm

Leafy and Petals VS. The Storm from Jenna Seng on Vimeo. I created this short animation for my Advanced Animation course at WSUV. I completed the work of 3D modeling all elements of this animation by using the software Autodesk Maya, and added the rain effect, sound effects, and music with the rendered frames in After Effects. This was my first 3D animation project to complete solely on my own. The intended storyline of the animation was two potted plants journey to freedom. Leafy and Petals, the two potted flowers, begin the animation with a normal day of dwelling peacefully …

Little Brother: 3D Animation

This was a group project for my Digital Animation course at WSUV. My role on this project was modeling and assembling attributes of the environment, conceptualization with the team, After Effects work including sound effects and compiling the animation with it’s audio, and some of the animation. The purpose of this project was to work with the principles of animation regarding balls. We were tasked with the objective of applying the animation principles to create personality amongst a simple object.

3D Animated Logo: American Airlines

I crafted this animated logo in my “Composition and Design” course at WSUV my first year. This was a “redesign” for American Airlines to have a 3D animated logo. I Illustrated this in Illustrator and then brought it into After Effects using 3D space alongside lights, sound effects, and video to create the virtual environment.

Climate Change PSA

I created this 30 second animated PSA using Illustrator and After Effects. This was done for my “Advanced Animation” course at WSUV. I am looking forward to improving this PSA by making it feel much less rushed. I plan to extract some information to make it a more focused and balanced piece.

Mummy Walk Cycle

I created this 5 second walk cycle of a mummy for an exercise in my “Advanced Animation” course at WSUV. This was illustrated in Illustrator, and then animated in After Effects.

Shape, Color, and Sound

This was a brief animation exercise for my “Advanced Animation” course. The exercise was to create a 15 second animation in After Effects that explored the relationship between shape, sound, and color.

Abstract Animated Gif

I created this animated gif in my “Advanced Animation” course at WSUV. The exercise was to create a 15 frame animated gif in photoshop that exhibited metamorphosis. I created this in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. I started off focusing on the function of water, but as I listened to the Album “Fine Line” by Harry Styles I became inspired to focus on movement, form, and color in an abstract manner. To me the interpretation of this abstract animated gif was “to become one and then to become none” basically highlighting the formation of one body between partners, and then …

Heart Eyes Skele Gif

I created this animated gif by first drawing out the layers in Illustrator and then importing them into photoshop where I created frames from layers. I took inspiration to make this gif around Valentines Day when a friend of mine drew out this rough sketch.