TO: Nike Employees

FROM: Mark Parker, President and CEO

SUBJECT: Harassment in the workplace

DATE: September 30, 2019

Dear All,

Here at Nike we have a people-first policy, and we regret to inform you of potential misconduct within our workplace. Recently, allegations of sexual harassment and unfair pay towards women within at our company have been made resulting in a very public lawsuit, and we take these allegations very seriously.

Today, we stand with not only the four women who have come forward, but with all of our employees as we determine the best steps to prevent this moving forward.

We are speaking with employees within the company where we will examine wages, employee history, and the hiring process to eradicate any unfair pay or gender bias. We also will provide a mandatory “sexual harassment in the workplace” prevention training. Further examination and training will be done by human resources to make sure the department is well equipped to deal with such situations.

We would like to urge all employees to adhere to our “see something say something” policy. Whether the situation is one you have observed or experienced please come forward to Human resources so the appropriate action can be taken. Human resources is available for all issues and needs within the workplace (503) 671-6453.

At Nike, we are committed to providing a work environment that is equal opportunity and we’d like to thank our employees for living with our values in mind.

Let’s stand against all forms of discrimination in and out of the workplace. Thank you for your time and cooperation.


Mark Parker

Chairman, President and CEO, Nike Inc.

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