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Richard Edelman delivers insight on the future of PR during hall of fame acceptance speech

Jenna Seng

Sept. 20th, 2019

Richard Edelman of internationally leading public relations firm, Edelman, delivered a powerful speech on the necessary means of moving forward in the world of communications. Edelman spoke on the need for brands to become “living brands” and for a merger between communications and marketing to become a more powerful “communications-marketing”.

I actually believe, said Edelman, that communications must move in a more mission critical way… enhancing corporate reputation and managing employee engagement. We have to evolve to partake in customer service, and yes new product development. Marketing can no longer do it alone, the inductee said.

“The solution to every problem is not a new advertising campaign because we need real action to solve today’s complex problems, and that is inspired by communications thinking,” Edelman declared as he was inducted into the Arthur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame.

Edelman became the manager of the New York office at the young age of just 26, his long- term experience in the industry allowed him to give insightful points on the future of communications. Edelman credited his father, the founder of Edelman, for allowing him to engage in industry experience at such a young age, and also for being his best friend.

In his acceptance, Edelman urged brands to become a living brand that operates with a clear mission and purpose, inviting participation from the community, to be responsive in real time 24/7, and offering an ongoing value exchange.

Carlie O’Brien, an aspiring communicator, spoke on Edelman’s forward thinking, “He had a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts on the future of the PR industry that puts the current professionals on their toes. With this type of attitude towards the future in any profession, the change is usually quite impactful.”

He went on to encourage the audience to help to enable business to be seen as “a force for good, to take a values- based approach that is in our souls, we have to partner with civil society, force the company to take that risk because it is actually a less risk opportunity.”

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